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Every project has different needs and we are constantly innovating to meet and adapt to new lighting scenarios and DP requests. New equipment and upgrades are almost a guarantee for every project so the latest equipment and best technology are always being utilized. 

Conway Film Lighting carries all the latest lighting technology including L.E.D from Arri, Lite Gear, BBS as well as custom designs, H.M.I including Arri M Series, K5600 and Sunray. Great selection of Tungsten with Mole Projector Beams, 20K Fresnels down to 150w Fresnels and soft boxes in many sizes in both Tungsten and LED. A full range of textiles and frames and DOP Choice bags and Snapgrids.


We are continually building and upgrading our own designed and custom built lighting fixtures to suit lighting situations and requirements of each project​. We can easily create custom LEDs in many shapes, sizes, colors, and levels.

Due to technological advances, lighting using LEDs is a now a far more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, compared with more traditional film lighting methods. 



CFL has a large inventory of gear with all the proper vehicles to support each type of production. From transit vans for commercials or full size truck and generator packages for larger projects. 

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